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Squashfs is a highly compressed read-only filesystem for Linux. Squashfs compresses both files, inodes and directories, and supports block sizes up to 64K for greater compression. It is implemented as a kernel module under VFS. squashfs - a compressed fs for Linux home is here. 266 747
by Klinedinst, Evan
The goals of this project are: create a new Linux kernel driver for the NTFS file system (v1.2 and later 3.0), user space utilities (e.g. format, ntfs check, etc.) and a library to avoid code duplication and provide access to NTFS to other GPLed programs Linux NTFS file system support home is here. 1074 3324
by 高志刚
The Sleuth Kit is a collection of open source file system forensics tools that allow one to view allocated and deleted data from NTFS, FAT, FFS, and EXT2FS images. The Autopsy Forensic Browser provides a graphical interface to The Sleuth Kit. The Sleuth Kit home is here. 1975 5177
by Hoyt Harness
WinDirStat is a disk usage statistics viewer and cleanup tool for MS Windows (all current variants). It shows disk, file and directory sizes in a treelist as well as graphically in a treemap, much like KDirStat and SequoiaView. WinDirStat home is here. 613 695
by Gregg Lee