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OSDFCon CFP and Module Competition

Brian Carrier-2
We’re a bit late this year, but it’s time to start getting ready for the 8th Annual Open Source Digital Forensics Conference (OSDFCon).

* Conference Date: October 17, 2017
* Location: Herndon, VA

We want you to start submitting your talk ideas, writing Autopsy modules, and saving the date on your calendar.   OSDFCon is the 1-day event to attend each year to learn about the latest open source digital forensics and incident response tools with over 400 of your colleagues.

If you want to get direct updates as the event gets closer, sign up at http://www.osdfcon.org/get-updates/.


Each year, OSDFCon gives developers and users a platform to talk about the open source software they love and give hands-on workshops.  We want to hear your presentation and workshop ideas.  Submissions are due by  June 1.

Past presentations have covered new software, new features in mature software, modules for plug-in frameworks, and use cases that integrate several pieces of software. A detailed list of topics and submission details can be found here:



Basis Technology is again organizing an Autopsy module writing competition.  The modules can be written in Python or Java and we have tutorials to help you get started.    Learning to write Autopsy modules will make you more efficient because Autopsy takes care of providing access to files, user interface, and reporting.  All you have to do is focus on some cool analytics.

Attendees of OSDFCon vote to help pick the winner and the top three will get cash prizes.    If we get 12 or more submissions, Basis Technology will double the prize amounts.   Submissions are due by October 2 (5+ months away!). Links to tutorials and submission details can be found here:



We have a few sponsorship opportunities available if you would like to help support the open source community and get exposure to the audience by having a table at the event.



OSDFCon is the premier event focused exclusively on open source digital forensics tools, OSDFCon offers short talks over the course of a single day. These talks are packed with information and present a unique opportunity to learn about new (often free) tools and provide feedback directly to developers.  Basis Technology is the organizing sponsor of the event and it is free for government employees to attend.

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