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ntfscluster -i , Error reading inode

Zejda Ladislav

thank you for your work.

I run the command

ntfscluster -i $NTFS_PARTITION

and on some partittions I am getting messages "Error reading inode $NUM".
Should I worry about such partitions?

Last time I see it just on new Windows 2008 R2 Server system disk:
ntfscluster -i /dev/sda2
Error reading inode 14053.
Error reading inode 19054.
Error reading inode 96851.
Error reading inode 96853.
Error reading inode 96947.
Error reading inode 103449.
Error reading inode 107636.
Error reading inode 107637.
Error reading inode 107639.
Error reading inode 107640.
Error reading inode 122266.
Error reading inode 122268.
Error reading inode 134925.
Error reading inode 139822.
Error reading inode 139829.
bytes per sector        : 512
bytes per cluster       : 4096
sectors per cluster     : 8
bytes per volume        : 42841665536
sectors per volume      : 10459391
clusters per volume     : 1307423
initialized mft records : 140032
mft records in use      : 56495
mft records percentage  : 40
bytes of free space     : 31237595136
sectors of free space   : 61010928
clusters of free space  : 7626366
percentage free space   : 72
bytes of user data      : 11389530112
sectors of user data    : 22245176
clusters of user data   : 2780647
percentage user data    : 26
bytes of metadata       : 214540288
sectors of metadata     : 419024
clusters of metadata    : 52378
percentage metadata     : 0

Thank you for you advice.

Best regards,
Ladislav Zejda
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